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from Gregory Holt

In January I set off to Kenya, where I would be spending 3 months on a volunteer programme with Balloon Ventures. I would be living with a Kenyan family and working alongside other Kenyan volunteers with the goal of assisting entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Having never been to Kenya (let alone the little known town of Kericho) and yet to meet the people I will be living and working with, it all felt a little daunting during the build-up. However

I can safely say it became one of the best experiences of my life so far! I have come out the other end having achieved more than I could ever have imagined; in terms of success with entrepreneurs, positive impact in the society, and also becoming more independent and changing my outlook on the problems I face.

As no one could really call this August 'summer' amazingly we had four dry and sunny Sunday afternoons and it was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves and trying the delicious cakes or cream teas on offer.

If you helped in any way,  either setting up or putting away, making or baking, clearing up or washing up, serving cake or dispensing tea then a huge thank you for once again making this year's teas a great success.

Perhaps the biggest thanks should go to our loyal customers, without whom there would be no point in having summer teas! If you didn't manage to come along this year then please think about coming next year to try our scrumptious cakes and meet up with friends - we'd love to see you!

Viv McCallum

A date for your diary 18th November coming for a fund raising event for the Neville Hall to be held in the Neville Hall. The Call My Bluff event is being repeated. We are offering a wine tasting event where you will be offered a glass of three white and three red wines without knowing what variety they are. Two experts (?) will say it is this or that wine and you will need to establish who is telling the truth. There will be a supper served half way through. There will also be a prize for the winning table. A glass of something when you arrive.  All for the measly price of £20 per head. Tables of six. Get a group of six together or come individually and we will create a group. If you are interested let me know. My contact details inside the back page of this august publication.

Last term children in Skylarks Class (Year 3/4) wrote persuasive letters about whether children of 7 and over should be allowed to choose their own bedtime at the weekend. Amelia Roye wrote a very good persuasive letter, having thought about her audience, and included all the key features:

  • clear opening statement
  • interesting arguments
  • strong positive language
  • very good connectives

Amelia tried very hard to meet all the Success Criteria for Persuasive Writing.   We hope you will enjoy her persuasive writing. 

Waltham St Lawrence Junior Choir    

...has been running for over 30 years now, to give local children a chance to learn performing skills and confidence and contribute to our local community.

We sing at church every 1st Sunday, as well as fetes, weddings and our Christmas Nativity is legendary!
Do join us this year on Sunday 17th December at 10.30am.

We meet every Thursday in the Neville Hall 6-7pm term time if you are 5-11 years old.

When you are ready, you can join the church “Middle Choir” for all children ( 8-18) who want to sing some more. Thursdays 7.15-7.45pm

For more information contact


Waltham St Lawrence Junior Choir

Has been running for over 30 years now, giving local children a chance to learn performing skills and confidence, and to contribute to our local community.

We sing at church every 1st Sunday of the month, as well as at fetes, weddings... and our Christmas Nativity is legendary!

Join us every Thursday in the Neville Hall 6-7pm during term time if you are 5-11 years old.

When you are ready, you can join the church “Middle Choir”, for all children 8+ who want to sing some more, on Thursdays 7.15-7.45pm

For more information contact:


Mother nature has been showing her strength with three heavy duty hurricanes, the Mexican earthquake, ultra wet monsoons and Italian floods all at the same time. The tragic damage to some of the Caribbean islands is really tough for the people who live on them and where local financial resources are mostly very slim. While St Barts and St Martin are departments of France or Holland and as French or Dutch soil have wealthy governments to support them, the beautiful but wrecked British Virgin Islands, which are not UK soil, are the home of billions of dollars of offshore tax sheltered funds.

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