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Theresa May has forwarded correspondence from WSL PC to Sajid Javed, housing & communities minister, regarding the proposed development at Ruscombe.

Here is his response - click for full view

The Waltham St Lawrence Charities have for over 400 years existed to help people in need who live within the parish.  

Qualifying older residents receive a winter payment and get help with transport and other benefits.

Younger residents can apply for grants for further education or training.  

Any application to support a charitable purpose within the parish will be considered by the trustees.

Tuesday 17th April 2018 10.30 – 12 noon

Neville Hall, Waltham St Lawrence

The Waltham St Lawrence and Shurlock Row Parish Helpers are local residents who are able to offer practical help (e.g. with transport, hospital visits, shopping, advice on local facilities etc), a friendly face and a listening ear to local residents.

A Parish Helper has been allocated to cover each area of the Parish.  They can be contacted for help or support in times of special need or to direct you to other sources of help and support.

The Parish Helpers warmly invite you to join them for an Open Morning with light refreshments to find out about what the Parish Helpers do and how they can help or advise you.

We look forward to seeing you.  

The Parish Helpers.

It is so hard to believe that Donald Trump's answer to shootings in schools is to give teachers permission to have concealed weapons. Imagine the resulting gun shoot out, one bad guy down, God knows how many children or teachers killed or injured. Much as I have enjoyed my visits to the USA of A I cannot understand their love of weapons.

On the same subject (Mr Trump) there seems to be a possible trade war coming up. I have noticed that stock exchanges are having a bit of a problem in that they are falling. Pity as some of my savings is on stocks and shares. Hopefully as in the past the exchanges will recover. PLEASE. Still on the same. Want a short term career? Talk to Donald for a senior job, and see how long you last.

Choir Singing for Local Community

On Wednesday 14th March, our School Choir entertained 3G in the Neville Hall. They sang and acted beautifully and our audience were very pleased with the singing of One Little Voice and Harmony Blues. The children received a lot of praises from everyone there. They have made us so proud – WELL DONE to our School Choir and thank you to Mrs Wiseman for her wonderful teaching and coaching.

Monday 23rd April 6.45pm for 7.00pm in the Neville Hall

Once a year, the Parish hold their Annual Parish Meeting, which is organised by the Parish Council but is not a Parish Council meeting. Local organisations are invited to give a short 5-minute presentation on local matters and issues affecting them and the community. There is then an opportunity for a short Q and A session followed by the chance to mingle.

My Dear Friends

‘Be sure your sin will find you out.’  A well-known saying, and one that particularly came to my mind when the Volkswagen emissions scandal broke back in 2015, especially when I found that my car was affected and would be one of the most difficult models to fix.  With hindsight it is pretty obvious that what was basically a fraud involving 11 million vehicles was not going to go undetected for ever; the wonder is only that they got away with it for so long. Right now the nefarious doings of the Russian government have been traced back from Salisbury to source, and Facebook permitting its customers’ data to be misused by Cambridge Analytica has been exposed.

All that can be said at the start of this month is that a proposal to make The Street in Waltham St Lawrence one-way in the direction of Milley Road, with a widened Halls Lane one-way in the direction of White Waltham is quite ridiculous. While the idea of reducing the rat-run, especially from the proposed 3,500 new houses beyond Milley Bridge, makes sense, this is just not the right solution. Apparently, road traffic design engineers define this layout as a filar loop. What a mix-up.

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